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2014 Results

MENS – Jr. Heavyweight

1st – David Haught
2nd – Alex Hiatt
3rd – Tony Howard

MENS – Jr. Lightweight

1st – Shaun DiNatali

MENS – Jr. Middleweight

1st – Rodrequize Harris

MENS – Masters Over 35

1st – Shaun DiNatali
2nd – David Haught
3rd – Dale Simpson
4th – Robert Jones
5th – Brandon Matsumado

MENS – Masters Over 50

1st – Tony Warren
2nd – Jack O’Connor

MENS – Novice

1st – Phillip Weaver
2nd – Shaun Hartley
3rd – Nick Reese

MENS – Open Bantam

1st – Phillip Weaver

MENS – Open Heavyweight

1st – Clint Cockfield
2nd – Daniel “Danny” Hughes
3rd – David Haught

MENS – Open Light Heavyweight

1st – Patrick Smith
2nd – Dale Simpson
3rd – Tony Howard

MENS – Open Lightweight

1st – Joshua Strickland

MENS – Open Middleweight

1st – Court Bull
2nd – Shawn DiNatali
3rd – Trip Sharter

MENS – Open Welterweight

1st – Roger Espina

MENS – Physique A

1st – Brett Kahn
2nd – Kevin Nayen
3rd – Jeremy De’Jesus
4th – Scott Thomas
5th – Gary Spires
6th – Nate Moore
7th – Bradley Evsich
8th – Daniel Amodio
9th – Sean Naumann
10 – Kurt Petty
11 – Michael Cantey
12 – Josh Stevens
13 – Tyler Dooley
14 – David Griggs
15 – Joshua Strickland

MENS – Physique B

1st – Joshua McCallum
2nd – Carey Steele
3rd – Steffen Hurdle
4th – Reynaldo Relez
5th – Seth Davis
6th – Chris Strickland
7th – Cody Cooper
8th – Chase Willis
9th – Lucas Garick
10th – Randy Wile
11th – Joseph Burns
12th – Bryan Gorman
13th – Jeremy Batt
14th – Ryan Jaselskies
15th – Robert Werrich
15th – Shane (SharpShooter) Washburn
15th – Jason Drake
15th – Spencer Gray
15th – Joseph Williams
15th – John Baldwin
15th – Diego Lorele

MENS – Physique Over 35

1st – Gary Spires
2nd – Carey Steele
3rd – Steffen Hurdle
4th – Chris Strickland
5th – Sam King
6th – Jason Drake
7th – Robert Wenrich

MENS – Physique Over 45

1st – Michael Martin
2nd – Sam King

MENS – Teen

1st – Michael Cantey
2nd – Joshua Strickland

MENS – Wheelchair

1st – Roger Espina

The Military Award
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Most Inspirational Award
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WOMENS – Bikini A (Up to 5’1″)

1st – Josie Rivera
2nd – Michela Torrance
3rd – Hillary Spearman
4th – Danielle McKee
5th – Alexa Lynch
6th – Haiyen Ackeman
7th – Mandi Vicars
8th – Anna Hovis
9th – Lisa Vargo
10th – Amanada Griesel
11th – Audrey Connors
12th – Shelby Chatigny
13th – Amanda Mountcastle
14th – Michelle Brown

WOMENS – Bikini B

1st – Tara Kist
2nd – Paige Tarloski
3rd – Alexandria Rogers
4th – Janielly Dias
5th – Sarah Little
6th – Jennifer Hanna
7th – Katie Myers
8th – Jessica Davis
9th – Kimberely Tolson
10th – Heather Vess
11th – Lauren Fetter
12th – Ramarie Moore
13th – Betsy Partune

WOMENS – Bikini C

1st – Brooke Richards
2nd – Crystal Dickerson
3rd – Casey Munn
4th – Amanda Neighbors
5th – Caroline Jordan
6th – Tonia O’Neil
7th – Karolina Kykowska
8th – Brianna Heber
9th – Ashly Tullai
10th – Laurs Cashion
11th – Micque Parker
12th – Robbie Burgett
13th – Erika Card
14th – Amy Bogan
15th – Crystal Gaudette

WOMENS – Figure A
(Up to and including 5’1″)

1st – Aspen Bunyak
2nd – Kristyn Anderson
3rd – Ashley Soto
4th – Danielle Asaro
5th – Kari Wilson
6th – Lindsay Cox
7th – Carlie Ortego
8th – Marci Michalski
9th – Amy Cross
10th – Casey Kimball

WOMENS – Figure B
(Over 5’1″ and up to and including 5’2-1/2″)

1st – Laurie Hart
2nd – Graham Ervin
3rd – Sarah Parks
4th – Galina Halford
5th – Cinnamon Williams
6th – Kimberely Glass
7th – Ruth Cardray
8th – Cortney Hanson
9th – Ashley Taylor
10th – Tamico Bowman
11th – Sonya Ridgill

WOMENS – Figure C

1st – Audrieanna Fortune
2nd – Eboni Webber
3rd – Kitty Payne
4th – Amber Barnlund
5th – Nadine Brooks
6th – Kelly Mack
7th – Tiffany Dennis
8th – Erica Taylor
9th – Elizabeth Marton
10th – Rebecca Gift
11th – Lynn House
12th – Vicki Marsi

WOMENS – Fitness

1st – Aspen Bynyak
2nd – Latasha Weinmann
3rd – Eva Serber

WOMENS – Light Heavyweight

1st – Vanessa Collins

WOMENS – Masters Bikini Over 35

1st – Brooke Richards
2nd – Jennifer Hanna
3rd – Tonia O’Neill
4th – Amy Bogan
5th – Robin Pacheco
6th – Michelle Brown

WOMENS – Masters Bikini Over 45

1st – Myra Freedman
2nd – Rita Balliet

WOMENS – Masters Figure Over 35

1st – Hart
2nd – Sarah Parks
3rd – Kitty Payne
4th – Kimberely Glass
5th – Ruth Carday
6th – Kelly Mack
7th – Kristie Lacey
8th – Tamico Bowman
9th – Amanda Nixon
10th – Sonya Ridgill

WOMENS – Masters Figure Over 45

1st – Patty Bosch
2nd – Lynn House
3rd – Vicki Marsi
4th – Paula Moses

WOMENS – Physique Over 35

1st – Amy Campbell

WOMENS – Physique Over 45

1st – Patty Bosh

WOMENS – Physique

1st – Patty Bosh
2nd – Amy Campbell
3rd – Eva Serber
4th – Carla Hardy
5th – Miranda Thompson
6th – Tiffany Dennis
7th – Lindsay Peckham
8th – Rachel Holliday

The Military Award


The Military Award went to Robin Pacheco. Here is her story!

My name is Robin Pacheco. I’m 37 years old. Serving on active duty in the United States Army for almost 16 years. Currently stationed in Twinsburg, OH at the 2d Psychological Operations Group. I’m a mom of two amazing kids, Olivia and Preston. My daughter was born with congenital heart defects and so far has had 3 open heart surgeries. After her birth I continued to cope by over eating. Three years ago I developed a blood clot and spent 7 days in the ICU. That was my wake up call. I started working with Jen and lost 40 lbs. Last October I competed in my first Bikini competition. It’s been a challenge trying to balance home, an aggressive work schedule and maintaining my fitness. Just happy to have made it here. If I can deal with daily struggles so can you!



The Inspirational Award

The most Inspirational Award went to Amanda Nixon.

THIS even inspired me! Several years ago, the bottom fell out of my world. I began to question my worth when my marriage shockingly ended. When I looked in the mirror, I was a depressed 315 pound single mother with 2 little boys that needed me. I was just like my mama, and that alone scared the hell out of me. When I was a senior in high school, she passed away with breast cancer. She was 38 years old and left behind 4 children. She was way too young to die. I knew that obesity was one of the major contributors to that fight, so I knew that I had to take a hard look at myself and make some drastic lifestyle changes. I wanted to make sure that my boys didn’t end up like I did.

aww-Inspirational-award-2014My weight loss journey began with my mama as my inspiration. She never knew what it was like to have high self esteem. Don’t get me wrong, she was amazingly beautiful and talented, but far from healthy and happy. I knew I wanted to use this tragic, life changing event and turn it into something as beautiful as she was. I started a walk/run program, and over the course of a year, dropped 75 pounds. I was changing my diet moderately, but nothing drastic right away. I hit plateaus, gained back weight here and there, but no matter the setbacks I knew my goal. Healthy! I connected with several new and old friends, inspirational people that were losing weight with Zumba and other group fitness, losing 30 more pounds. The thing about group fitness, it was fun and doable, but I was still stuck at a size 14 and 200 pounds. This is when things really started to change.

Last October, I started clean eating along with weight training and cardio. I wanted to gravitate towards the lifestyle change that I committed to, rather than a diet fad or trendy exercise phase. In 8 weeks, I had dropped to a size 10. I had an insane amount of energy! I was ecstatic! I had always dreamed of having a fit body, but didn’t want to lose my femininity. I knew this was going to work out, it was where I wanted to be, so I set my next goal; Compete in a body building contest. What? Well, why not me?

When I told people about my goal, there were some that did not believe it was possible. I signed on the dotted line, and set my eyes on Jen Hendershott All Women’s Weekend in October 2014. I have a tight knit group of friends and family around me that are nothing but supportive and positive. Another tough decision to make was to cut negativity out of my life, project the positive, and to only surround myself with positive people. I am grateful for the support . It’s been a rollercoaster ride of ups, downs, surgeries, deaths, and break ups, but I survived. I fought like hell, and I have lost an entire person; 175 pounds. I am the happiest I have ever been, and after 37 years I finally love myself. I think about my mama every time I set a goal, and make sure to crush it knowing all along how proud she is of me.

Everything happens for a reason. I want other men and women to know that you can make the change without a magical pill or surgery. Be the change that you want to see.

Only you can decide.

Amanda Marie Nixon

First time Figure Competitor at the Jen Hendershotts All Womens Weekend Big Shotts Classic

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