I just want to thank Jen Hendershott and her crew for putting on a great show, Big Shot Classic! The venue was very nice and spacious. The awards were awesome! The pump up room had a garage door that they open during pre judge where you could go outside in the sun to pump up and the people in Charleston were so nice they were taking pictures of the male body builders as we were pumping up, the oil up room was very spacious. Jen also gives out Olympic size metals that looked awesome. It made you feel like you were in the Olympia. If you are a male body builder and you are looking for a show between August and November that is a national qualifier I would recommend you to put this one on your schedule! I travel 6 hours to do this show and it was worth every minute!

Jen is a great promoter and host and I plan on doing her show again in the future!! Many thanks and a great job to Jen Hendershott and her crew!!!

Dion Bruton
1st place men’s open super heavyweight
& Overall winner 1st place men’s masters 35+ 

Most of my life I’ve been in above average shape. I spent 12 years wrestling, not dieting much. I spent all my summers on bicycles, skateboards, and swimming on a team. In 2000 I finally broke the big 200 lb mark. Being active and small I always wanted to break that mark. Lifting, drinking protein drinks, and eating whatever I wanted I remained about 160 lbs. at 5 foot 9 inches. Then finally I broke 200 and looked pretty good with a 30 inch waist with legs like I was 140. lol.

After a few years of not exercising and partying like a rock star that 200 gave way to 235lbs. That 30 inch waist gave way to barely fitting in 36 inch jeans. My Indian high cheek bones gave weigh to a round bowling ball looking head. In 2005 I found myself out of shape and then the life changing happened. I involved in a car accident that took the life of the other driver. A head on collision with both vehicles at 55 mph left me with a broken L4 and 4 broken bones in my left foot. Fortunately I was in the bigger of the two automobiles and I was the only one wearing my seatbelt. Hanging upside down in my truck that smelled like it was burning was an eye opener about my life.

Nearly a year later, still broken up and not even able to walk on a treadmill without severe headaches I called someone to help dig a hole for me. At that moment I said no way. I’m only 35 yrs old and I can’t even dig a 2 foot hole in the ground or walk on a treadmill. I was out of shape, fat, and didn’t feel good about myself. After seeing a chiropractor for a couple weeks I started on the treadmill in the house. I started running a few weeks later. Made a bet with a co-worker on who could lose more weight and rolled on from their. I ran the bridge run (10k) that year at 225 lbs. I dropped to 185 lbs with no muscle tone by doing cardio and cutting out some fat and soda’s.

Still I didn’t look all that great and to be honest was intimidated by lifting with all the “in shape guys” at the gym. Well I started to lift my little weights anyhow and guess what? I became big as a house again. Strong and fat. Felt good lying under 315 without a spotter though. Then I went to show. The first show I attended was the Excalibur here in Charleston. The next month I attended the Jen Hendershott all girls weekend. I was told that by someone that I could never diet and do a show. So guess what I did? That’s right. Hired a trainer, went on a diet, and got to work in the gym. I competed in my first show this year in March. The Gopher State Classic in Minneapolis, MN. I weighed in at 176.25 lbs super lean. Posing was off and I was little nervous.

Placed 2nd out of eight in Masters. Didn’t make top five in Middle weight.

My second show was the SC State Championships in June this year. I placed 3rd in Middle and 4th in Masters Division. So now it’s time to reevaluate my weight and goals and decide the next show and weight class for me. Thanks to Jen and her inspirational competitors on stage in 2010 for giving me the motivation to get off my a__!

Craig Dilley

The most amazing things seem to always happen in my life with reference to the numerical number three (3)!

This past weekend I was in Charleston, South Carolina competing in Jen Hendershott’s 3rd Annual AWW/BSC Weekend! I made a decision to compete in this show late, leaving me with an 8 week prep time. I had confidence in my trainer, Jennifer Hendershott if she said I could be ready, then, I knew I WOULD be ready! I set my goal and decided to compete in both Open Figure and Masters Figure. This would also be my third time ‘attending’ Jen’s show. I competed in the first show, worked the show the second time and came back for the third show to compete again. I have had my hands in the operations side as well as the competitors!

Each show has proven to be better, bigger and its “primary” focus ALWAYS being the competitor! This is NOT the normal competition. Jen displays her heart throughout the entire show. Jen’s energy, heart and charisma for the competitors is also shown from the staff which is such a strong surrounding support for the tired, hungry, stressed competitors! The back stage is NOT typical there is NO drama, but WOW are there friendships, laughter and excitement! The atmosphere is fun, laid back and genuine! This year there were more competitors, new faces and each and every one making remarks on how much FUN people were having back stage and how nice everyone is! What? At a bodybuilding, figure show? Yes!!!!

Jen and her objective for each of her shows is to allow the competitors to ‘relax’ and enjoy all their hard work and leave all the little no nonsense concerns for her and her staff. Famous quote at each show, “You all relax, have fun, enjoy all your hard work, this show is about You and I know how hard you have all worked, I want to leave a lasting impression on all of you and for you to walk away having a great experience, that is what it is all about!” What show opens each year acknowledging the competitors? Jen has set a new standard in the industry on how things should be done, and each year it just continues to get better and better and bigger and bigger!

Most shows you are given a number and no one has a care or concern about you after that! This show, is not that way, and this is what sets it apart from all others AND it is also a National Qualifier! I encourage anyone who is a competitor to experience the AWW/BSC for yourself. It is put together like no other and you will walk away with much much more than a medal or trophy. This is a show that is centered around the competitor not the competitor who has no clue where they should be at a show!

There have been so many incredible transformations made on that stage in just three short years! I am excited, and can’t wait to see what the next three years brings.

I walked away this year with two medals, new friendships, priceless memories laughed till I cried and ate so good at the after party!

I encourage all competitors to join the AWW/BSC competitor family and plan your 2012 shows now and make sure you include the AWW/BSC!!!!!!

Mary Roberti
Winner Figure Masters 2011 

Dear Jen, You are an amazing person! Thank you so very much for making my first competition memorable! Your personal touches on the show made me feel so special and BEAUTIFUL! I am super blessed to have met you and Jen Walton- you two have forever changed my life! Like I said before, it’s more than just a number on a scale, it’s about being strong and fit! I definitely see myself competing in the near future. I love the comradery between each competitor! I HAD A BLAST!

Keep on touch pretty lady

Much love,
Ashley Moore

Jen, I wanted to take the time to say Thank You. You are a great motivator, inspiration and a true professional. I appreciate your hard work and your show reflected it. I had no idea what to expect for my first show, and I think now, all shows after will be hard to top. Your staff was extremely professional and nice, and I appreciate the timeliness the show took on. The guest performers were fantastic and to see the many different classes of both women’s and men’s body building was an amazing experience. Thank you for not only hosting the show but for being genuine and truly wanting to get to know your competitors, encouraging us to submit our stories was really awesome and I am humbled that mine out of many was highlighted.

Thanks again for inspiring and motivating people all over, I hope everyone you work with gets the chance to meet you because it will most definitely be a blessing.

Many Thanks to you and your crew!

Cassie Moore 

Hi Jen, Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how inspiring the show in Charleston was this past weekend. My sister and I work out at BodySculptingInc in Summerville SC and one of the trainers was in the competition. I am 53 years old and have lost 54lbs so far and felt like I needed to kick it up a notch. As I told my trainer I wanted my body parts to go back to where they belonged since gravity wanted to take over with the weight loss…..ok gravity had already taken hold but I am defiant! So far I have lost 20lbs and 21.5 inches in two months with a trainer.

The show was such a boost to the belief that a body can be shaped and sculpted in to shape. Showing women who have lost 100+ lbs does more than anyone realizes. It helps people like me to continue to push and have goals that work. The woman on stage who still had a bit of belly and yet she was a proud and awesome woman and showed us that….that was me….that was my body…..it made me tear up and you did that! So continue to inspire and continue to show women that we can be awesome and we can achieve our goals and look more beautiful and healthy every day.

I know that a lot of the show was all about the body shaping and intense workouts that those who live that industry are involved in. But you took that to a higher level by showing that those women are “real” people and have “real” lives. The gal who lost her parents and yo-yo weight gain and loss and the song that was sung to her – that was intense…..

Thank you for being who you are and thank you for making the show about the whole gammit of fitness and health. My sister and I were there to support one of our trainers from our studio….we walked away with a whole other perspective and a HUGE spark of inspiration to kick it up a notch and to work harder to get to our own goals. My sister is 50 and she has progressed in two months right along side of me. She was so inspired she is now using that gym membership she paid for (!!) as well as working out with our trainer. Her comment was if that girl can do that and look like that so can I!!!

So Jen you made a difference in at least two lives this past weekend and I personally wanted to say thank you for that. We love our trainer so much here in Summerville and I have a whole newfound respect for what you do every day to inspire.

High Five,
Regina Moore 

Dear Jen,
I wanted to take just a few minutes to share with you what the 3rd Annual All Women’s Weekend /Big Shott Classic meant to me. I was asked to join a group of ladies from the Jacksonville, Florida area in training to compete in as a figure competitor. I didn’t quite comprehend what I was in for when I originally said yes to this request. 24 weeks ago, we embarked on a journey to compete, with your show as our final destination. We experienced training ups and downs and a learning curve to how far we can push our bodies, only to realize we often do not credit ourselves with all we can accomplish. On the road trip to the 3rd Annual All Women’s Weekend / Big Shott Classic, I read an article in our local Folio Weekly, http://www.folioweekly.com/documents/folio0927wkl054.pdf, the Backpage Editorial “Like a Girl: Exposing the fallacy of feminine vs. feminist” discussing the disassociation of women from their feminity to be taken seriously. One of the main points the author makes is, “We would better advance women’s status in society if instead of insulting one another for our differences, we commended each other for our abilities and proclivities, and endeavored to learn new things.” It is hard to find an environment where women encourage women and we celebrate our strengths.

I was so excited to compete in your All Women’s Weekend and was shocked to find you there introducing yourself at the registration desk. It was such a pleasure to meet you and hear your positivity and enthusiasm about the upcoming show events. It simply added to the experience. Throughout the preparation time for the show, I had the opportunity to meet many of the contestants and several were members of your Phat Camp Program. These ladies can be counted as advocates for your program because of the transformation they have seen as a result of their participation in the Phat Camp Program. The kind words of your members, speaks volumes about you as both a business professional and a trainer. Having made so many friends during participation in this event, it is truly proof that it is possible for women to support women. While only our leader placed in her two categories, and one of our members received most inspiring story, we all walked away with an amazing, memorable experience that we will look forward to sharing with our family and friends. And we are also inspired to come back and try this again next year. It was the best first time competitor experience anyone could have asked for.

Thank you again for everything.
Jackie Hazelip